Chapter III. BE-YOUrself. 6 tips to start your super-power-happy-sexy-feeling-life!

Keeping always in mind that only when you truly love yourself you are ready to LOVE others. And that only when you feel ALIVE you can LIVE FULLY and DEEPLY.

This week, I BET YOU to wake up and follow at least 3 of these steps. I guarantee you that your life will start improving in such a positive way that by the end of the second week you will end up practicing them all.

  1. FOCUS on YOURSELF. Make a wish-list with all the goals that you want to achieve during this 2015. Start with the small and realistic objectives and finish with the craziest ones. Trust me, after a year living in INDIA, I learnt that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this life. And that what it seems to be impossible today, it may become for REAL next day. Don’t discard any dream, THINK BIG. WISH BIGGER, WORK HARD and FEEL ABLE TO FLY. When you have set up your GOALS clearly, work on them. GO FOR THEM! Plan how to achieve them by steps. Have faith, trust yourself and your intuition. Feeling capable of realising them it’s the master key to start making them possible. And keep always in mind that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. And that what it seems to be a failure it may be the beginning of something even better.
  1. TO FEEL GREAT IS MANDATORY. You must look at yourself in the mirror and repeat loud how sexy and good you are at least 10 times. SHOUT IT LOUD!! Expressions like, “HOT MAMA!”, “WHAT A SEXY ASS I AM!”, “I AM HAPPY!”, “IM IN LOVE WITH MYSELF!”, “I LOVE MY LIFE!”, “I AM BEAUTIFUL!”, “YES, I CAN!!” Etc.., work, but the most important thing is TO REALLY FEEL that you are an INCREDIBLE PERSON. Never forget that we are the real source of life and we have the power to conquer empires with a simple eye blinking. Why is that important to feel that you are pretty (not only inside but outside too)? Because we are the thoughts that we create and what we feel we become. Only when you feel attractive you will seduce and you will feel strong and powerful enough to literally go and TAKE ON THE WORLD. NOW that you are feeling the sexiest person in earth and the most confident, it’s time to put it in practice! Go shopping, treat yourself, act sexy and let yourself feel desired. Accept the compliments, leave the shyness at home, because yeah, you deserve them. SMILE to strangers, let your body express the happiness of your soul in such a way that your entire aura shines. Listen to music loudly! Sing and dance from your heart.
  1. SLEEP WELL and WAKE UP WITH THE SUNRISE. At least one day per week go and contemplate it. Wake up really early and take the energy of the sunlight. Stars are one of the most powerful bodies of universe. The law of attraction is based and proved on them. If you have a wish, go and ask it to the stars. If your wishes are good enough for you, you love yourself and the others, universe will take care of them and will always help you to achieve your own happiness. These kind of peaceful moments in contact with nature are the best ones to spend some time alone and MEDITATE. GET TO KNOW and MEET yourself, find out your limits and establish your own values. Learn how to APPRECIATE YOURSELF and keep your chin up no matter what. YOU ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND. BE THE OWN MASTER OF YOUR LIFE. YOU RULE YOUR DESTINY. Feel the nature and learn from our mother earth. You will be surprised how everything is connected and how KARMA always WORKS.
  1. Once you have learnt and have enjoyed your own company you are ready to share and spread your joy and love. Travel, surround yourself with new people and in different atmospheres. Move around the world and discovering new realities will not only OPEN YOUR MIND and EYES, you will also realise how lucky you are, how important is to live life being fully aware and how great is to be brave enough to face up problems with courage. Don’t forget to HANG OUT with friends, REAL FRIENDS. Those who are with you for better and worse, ALWAYS, no matter what. Have CONVERSATIONS ABOUT LIFE and of course, get lost, wasted and PARTY LIKE AN ANIMAL. I am sure that when you are old you will only want to have the best and crazy memories in your mind. So, build good and worthy ones, those ones that will make your soul smile and feel pure joy. Enjoy NOW the pleasures of life, be flexible and embrace every unexpected change as new opportunities.
  2. TO READ A BOOK is very important. And by a book, I mean, a meaningful one. Learn from the experience and wisdom of the old ancient ones. Re-read them, savour and enjoy them. Some of my bedside books: “Curso de vuelo para aspirantes de sueños” – Marta Ligioz; “Tuesdays with Morrie” – Mitch Albom; “The monk who sold his Ferrari” – Robin Sharma. Feel free please to recommend me yours!! BUT even MORE IMPORTANT is TO CREATE YOUR OWN INSPIRATIONAL NOTEBOOK-DIARY. Every night, before going to bed write down at least one sentence that you found out during the day. Be aware of the signs and what life is bringing and showing to you day by day. Think about the quote that clearly made an effect on you and will inspire you and motivate you to keep moving and keep growing as a good person. Next to this quote, you should also write down the lesson learned based on what happened during your day. Doing this you will be giving meaning and sense to your daily experiences. Making every of the rest of your life days count.
  1. LOVE AND LOVE! Love people, your family, friends, boyfriend, neighbour, pet and the most important one, LOVE YOURSELF. Become the person you dream of and you want, ACCEPT yourself but in a way that you never stop CHALLENGING yourself. BECOME AN INSPIRATION to others.

Hope these basic tips that I practice will help you to improve your attitude towards life. And that they will only help you to start ruling the world you want! And again, remember that, it’s all about attitude.



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