I couldn’t start this post without first of all thanking to all the volunteers around the world. To all the brave, happy and aware people who turn miracles to reality. From my heart, THANK YOU. You are my real heroes and the hope of millions.   My Gambian experience started in a random and total... Leer más →

Chapter VI. Welcome to GAMBIA, the smile of Africa – Introducing the country. Some real facts.

Must be said that my writings are from my own research. I don’t  take any info from magazines or books. I write about and from my experience. Real facts from real days living and experiencing the red sand land. Gambia is the smallest and most friendly country of Africa. But despite its small dimensions, Gambia... Leer más →

Chapter I. Love is YOU.

I have been loving all my life… Still on it like an alcoholic. Now I realized that I have loved in many different ways to different kind people and around many different countries and cultures over the world. But tonight I would like to focus on the love that only soulmates can feel and understand.... Leer más →

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