Home Sweet Home

To all the travellers of the world and for those who don’t seek for a place rather than a search of hope, happiness and new beginnings.

After years of travelling and being living in many countries, I have built my own idea of “home”.

At the very start, home meant the constant movement and travelling from one part of the world to another culture, city, food and language. It represented a feeling of challenge rather than a place.

What I understood now is that all I wanted was to find a balance, to find LOVE, and that sometimes we all have the right to step back and away and face the problem from another angle. To the ones trying to find a back door, go and run. Travel, discover new cultures, get inspired by the immense colours of life.. And once you will be back, you will see how the problems you thought were big, were just growing experiences and a contribution to yourself.

Right now, it has become a desire to achieve joy and mental peace and the most important thing, to be able to be surrounded by the ones I love. To be honest I don’t still have an idea of where to establish my “home”. But I know that wherever I am now, I feel home when I am doing something great and positive to the ones I love and consequently to myself. Self improving, either it could be contributing to society or to my own growing project of living.

I have understood that sometimes when I thought that I was escaping from home, what I was really doing is escaping from a bad feeling, escaping from people that hurt me and from situations that was not ready to face up by that time.

What I know now it’s that home is in my mind. It is in my friends, in my family and the ones I love and love me. In the kindness of the trains of India, in the bicycle ridings in my dear Netherlands, in the streets of my magic hometown, Barcelona. And mostly in the atmosphere I create myself wherever I go thanks to the love I share and I take.

My positive thought of the day would be that, wherever you are, whatever you feel that home is for you, you are the carrier of your mind, the body of your soul, heart and home. Meaning that you will always be the truly and last owner of your own happiness, good thoughts and the most important thing, own of your LOVE. You are always going to able to start again in your life and build a new home spreading your love and loving yourself 🙂

Become a snail and carry your own home with you, taking the best of every experience, the most magic of places and the nicest of people you meet on the journey of your life and share your happiness shining like a star!!


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