Chapter IV. Getting close to YOU. Celebrating OUR 1000 visits!

I always wanted to start a blog or create a project where I could kind of relate an entire community and create something positive. A place or site where people could meet and chat and share their experiences and ideas about life. A comfy environment where people could feed their curiosity about matters, feel open about their thoughts and truly feel themselves.

The truth is that last year I started some projects but in the end I was never sure which direction to take them to. Probably because it wasn’t really the proper time to start anything when I had to deal with so many situations that were leaving me restless. I didn’t find the strength and time to dedicate to my dear and desired projects as much as I wished. I realised that you should always let things flow without forcing anything. «When the pupil is ready the teacher arrives».

But I needed not only the time and the right moment, but also to feel my balance again and the confidence required to move mountains and reach skies. And most of it, to be able to write about feelings in a way that I was going to be understood.

I started this blog challenging myself almost a month ago thanks in part to the recent events that happened in my life. Quite dramatic but at the same time, very positive!! This New Year is being a blessing and a great opportunity to grow myself and accomplish all my goals.

The reason I decided to open this blog and give it a personal and open heart experience comes from one of the most important and meaningful lessons I’ve learnt “The maximum realisation of happiness is meant to be shared”.

To me, that joy comes to see the persons you love smiling. I feel that one of the greatest feelings in this world is to know that you are responsible of someone’s happiness 🙂 and being certain that you are working for a better you thus world. As a law student I am also very concerned about injustices, and nothing could desperate me more than seeing people suffering for no reasons! That’s why, I thought that maybe sharing my feelings, as a person that has suffered as well, could help people and prevent in some way other’s pain! And the only way to do that is being open sincere with yourself and with the others. I feel so lucky in my life that I feel I need to pay it back being kind and sharing my love, happiness and experience.

Almost a month later here I am, celebrating our 1000 visits! And yes, I say OUR 1000 visits because you are all responsible of it.

I couldn’t expect that I was going to wake up in the mornings receiving grateful messages full of motivation and conviction that my words were being read by someone else than me and that they were actually being an inspiration for some.

I want to THANK YOU ALL, my readers, my family, my friends, the total strangers that smile me and are kind to me on the streets for no reason, those who try my life to become more difficult, everyone!

Some of you are an example of what I want to become, and some just show me what exactly I don’t want to be, and that’s also great! Some of you may stay for ever on this trip that is life, and some others will just take a small roll. Some will be always on my mind, some others will vanish for good reasons.

But in the end all of you are leaving on me a constant more or less impression and there is a chance to learn from you and all the situations.

Each of you are teaching me a lesson and I feel grateful for it. Each experience and situation make me the person I am right now and the woman I want to become. And the best thing, I am discovering and exploring myself every day and loving my own company finding the best friend on my own self!

Wherever you are from, Gabon, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Spain.. Whatever your age, your sex, religion, taste or skin are.. We are all connected, we are all human beings and YOU, my friend, inspire me to continue writing and sharing with you my feelings about life. You are the main character and protagonist here. I have the feeling that we are like candles being fired up by each other. Spreading more life and good energy around. You are opening your heart, inspiring me and sharing your strength with me, which also helps me.

So after only three posts but already 1000 visits, I want to send you, my reader, a special ‘THANK YOU’.

Thank you from my deepest because you are contributing to my own happiness as well. Showing me that a better world with quality people and good values is possible. And that no matter what faith and love are the last we should fear and lose.

And… to show you all that my posts and advices are not just words, and that I am actually growing and challenging myself with you too, here you have the prove that I during this month I have been and I am working facing up my fears and getting into new challenging adventures!! In one of the pics you can see me jumping from the plane from 4000 meters high, skydiving!! And the other one is a collage of the making-of of one of the shyest moments in my life, posing in front of cameras!

With all this I want to show you that everything is possible, and that if you wish and want something, you will always have it. Just work on it, be possible and NEVER BE AFRAID.

I hope that you are going to really do the same and face up your fears because you never know what the new challenge may bring you.

In my case, my first photo-shooting session brought me to some other photographers2015/01/img_6589.jpg

who saw my pics and got interested. And now I have some other sessions involving some small projects. And it’s true that I’m far to be a model.. But it looks like my 1,66 meters of strength and energy plus my 50 kg. of courage and confidence are all that is needed at the moment. Never stop pursuing all your dreams and be sure that one day they will become real.




And about the skydiving.. It was such a rewarding experience that I am going to keep it for a special post.

Attitude is everything and the present moment is a precious gift that we all should appreciate and flavour with no exception or worry.

So… What are you going to face up this week fellas?


Do embrace the new perspectives, turn your fears into challenges working in your self-confidence and your life will be transformed to a new chapter full of exciting adventures!



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  1. Hey! You’re totally right, we shouldn’t force anything and just let things flow. That’s when magic happens 😉 I really like the way you write. It all seems so real and I identify a lot with your words. I’m glad you started this blog, good luck! 😉

    Me gusta

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