Chapter V. FEARS. The Danger Zone!

After a short but intense talk that I had with a man sited next to me in a local bus, I realized that I had to share some thoughts and the conclusions of such a curious conversation.

So here it is a post about the main reason why we stop believing in ourselves and in our dreams. The FEAR.

We become afraid of something thanks to our developed and intelligent body mechanism. The feeling of danger activates the fears as a in theory a prevention & protection.

But is it really the sense of danger or is it the sense that we are walking to the unknown which scares us? In my opinion, it’s the feeling of the uncertain, of the UNPREDICTABLE of not knowing what could happen next what scares us so much.

We seek and try to know in advance, even before nothing happens.. And the truth is that only risking and experiencing the unsure and uncertain we will be able to enjoy the certain destiny.

«What if?; What if not…?; Will I be ok?; Will I get that job?; Will she call me if…?» IF, IF, IF..

Those questions and doubts that we create in our heads for no useful reason have such a bad impact and spread so negative energy around us..

They are actually one of the main reasons why you might not success.

It’s you and Your own head fooling yourself & trying to build a wall around not allowing you run out of the COMFORT ZONE. The chill and comfy zone where one can feel safe and warm, and grow old and fat without living & experiencing the essence & exciting part of life!

Remember, Life is just all that happens outside your comfy zone. Where your fears are transformed into your main aims and motivations. Where they become big & great challenges that will arise the bravest & best part of you!

I say that if you are afraid of something… FEEL CARELESS, FEEL FEARLESS, FEEL FREE!! Just go and try to do exactly what you are afraid of. Beat your fears and doubts and smile on them. Play them, take the good part of them and start being the real owner of your present.

There is something sure, and it’s that FEAR can PARALYZE you and make you behave in ways that otherwise you wouldn’t.

IMG_7741So keep in mind that Fear is like an engine. You can use it to improve yourself and move your life forward to where exactly you want to be, or you can let fears make you move back, step way from your wills and never progress.




FIGHT for what you desire never letting your fears hold your dreams back.

Turn your fears into narrows. The warning signals to where exactly you must go on in order to success and achieve something great and big. Let yourself go and flow, enjoying the uncertain. Not controlling and letting the beauty of life surprise you.

Be strong and keep your COURAGE always up. Courage is one the most lovable and loyal qualities one can have. Becoming courage your best friend you will become INVINCIBLE.

And once you cross that comfy zone and have beaten your fears, I guarantee you that the feeling of satisfaction will send yourself to a real paradise, peace of mind and happiness!

So don’t be scared, never loose the great opportunities that life brings to you because of fears.

Being fortunate is a daily work only possible thanks to the practice of GRATITUDE. Honour that gratitude because the now great opportunities may disappear and vanish one day if you don’t take them on time… Don’t stay paralysed. Embrace your fears as a prove that you are alive!!

Open your eyes and see through.. Open your heart and feel your inner voice. Let your dreams and intuition guide you. Be strong and constant enough to create your own heaven in Earth. You are the owner of your present and you must never let your fears decide for you.

I would like to thank you, my unknown friend 😉 For such a nice and unexpected conversation about life in an era where people feel more comfortable chatting online than talking to somebody face to face on the streets.

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