Love is YOU

I have been loving all my life… Still on it like an alcoholic. Now I realized that I have loved in many different ways to different kind people and around many different countries and cultures over the world.

But tonight I would like to focus on the love that only soulmates can feel and understand.

The kind of love that two completely strangers start feeling at just the first sight.

The kind of intimacy of no need of words.

I want to tell everybody not to be scared to let your heart feel free to love.

Because this pure love is blind and it’s the highest trip that you can take, more than any other drug or addiction.

And do you want to know something even greater? If you work on it every day, it can make you feel the happiest person in the world and make all worthy.

But I have to be sincere to all of you… the kind of love I am talking about, it’s not going to be understood by every one. Actually, it’s very rare to happen and even more nowadays.

So once you feel deeply in yourself that you have found it, don’t let it go for any ego or fear.

Stick to it and you will never have any regret in your entire life. Because, when you make things and live according to this pure feeling, nothing bad can happen to you. You will only become a better person every day for the rest of your life.

Realize how lucky you have been finding it and remember what really matters in life. LOVE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL THE PROBLEMS.

And once this miracle has found you, you should celebrate it until the last day of your life!


2 thoughts on “Love is YOU

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  1. Como siempre, me has sorprendido enormemente….
    Eres una gran persona, y no lo digo por decir, lo digo porque lo sé, lo he vivido y lo disfrutado durante un corto pero intenso momento de nuestras vidas….
    Tu fuiste una de las personas que consiguió hacerlo una de las experiencias más importantes de mi vida. Y para que una persona como yo tenga ese sentimiento, tiene que haber tenido gente a su altededor con muuuuchas cualidades a desear. No hace falta Decir que tu sobrepasaste con creces dichas cualidades…
    A partir de ahí, empezaste a formar parte de mi vida, y espero que así sea para siempre….te quiero reina… lo olvides….muakaaaaaaaa

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    1. Soy la que soy gracias a que he tenido y tengo a gente como tú tan grande a mi lado. Que no sólo me hacen crecer como persona todos los días, sino que me hacen apreciar cada segundo y momento! GRACIAS A TI por ser lo que eres y por tu incondicionalidad siempre ❤ De aquí hasta el cielo!!


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